GOD the Almighty is the most high, most ancient, creator of Heaven, earth and all living.
Chinese address him as 天. Chinese also worship 天公, 老天, 天老祖, this is a result of worshiping the ancestors as gods. Ancestors are not gods, GOD shall always be 天父, our Father in heaven. Chinese records of the Almighty has already become legend, 童话故事.
Muslim address him as Allah. The Israelis address him JHWH, translated to English is Jehovah. This is GOD, the Almighty the one and only true GOD, the Father of all mankind.

The origin of addressing GOD in different language is recorded in the bible, Genesis 11:1-9. At the great flood of Noah’s time about 2000 year after creation, 4000 years ago. Only Noah and his family survived, all other men perished, those survived repopulated and gather themselves in a city. At that time men speaks the same language and uses the same writing. These man decide to build a tower that can reach heaven. GOD forbid and wanted men to disperse, therefore GOD confused their language so that these people could not understand each other and is forced to disperse. At that time even with different languages, men worship the same GOD using their own language to address him. After thousands of years, most of these culture have turned to idol worship and has long forgotten the one and only true GOD. Only the Israelis has kept a detailed record of the history of mankind.
There are a lot of idols that claims to be gods. There are also a number of religion that is worshiping the true GOD. How do a person determine if the religion is worshipping idols or the Almighty? The religion must belief that there is only one GOD, there is no other GOD. Also GOD forbid men from making and worshiping his idol, as men would end up worshiping the idol, instead of GOD, the Almighty. Therefore the religion that worship the Almighty do not have idols.

GOD created heaven, earth and all living things on earth. GOD created the stars, planets, sun, etc. GOD is righteous, likes justice, peace, harmony, is without sin and wants his children to love each other, to help each other. Therefore anybody who has sin could not be with GOD, as GOD refused to be with sinners. Example of sin, curses, lying, sexual immorality, worship idols, etc.

Since GOD created this world, there are only two men that is able to achieve the full righteousness that GOD requires, they are Enoch and Elijah. All others failed, even GOD’s messenger like Noah, Mosses sinned. GOD understand that men are weak, could not escape temptation or separate truth from Saturn’s lies. So GOD sends Jesus, his Holy Angel, a son that he is well pleased, to show us the way to achieve righteousness and devotion to GOD. GOD is prepared to have Jesus with us until he achieve this objective, could even be a thousand years. But men humiliated, tortured and crucified him. GOD is extremely angry and wanted to destroy the world, Jesus died at the cross and return to heaven to plead with GOD. GOD finally relent and uses men’s evil deed to achieve a greater good. Instead of giving up on men, GOD made Jesus as a sacrificial lamb. As GOD requires sin to be cleansed with blood. The profuse bleeding of Jesus, a Holy Angel cleansed the sin of the men whom GOD deems worth saving.
To receive GOD’s salvation, a person need to pray to God and ask for forgiveness. A person must try to be righteous at all time and worship the one true GOD. Only when GOD finds the person worthy, would Jesus atone for his sin. The Almighty has the final say.

Elias, Malachi 4:5-6