The author was baptised into the Christian Trinity faith for about 10 years. The author has met numerous Christian/Catholic who beliefs that when they sinned, they only need to pray to Jesus for forgiveness on sunday church service and their sin would be forgiven. As far as these people are concern, Jesus has died for their sin at the cross and has conquered death through resurrection. Therefore faith in Jesus’ salvation is well adequate to atone for their sin. These people continued to sin in their daily life without any fear. In the recent years, the author even met Christians that actively engaged in backstabbing and sabotaging to get ahead. The author also find it incomprehensible that non-Christian that engage in falsifying and bribery are doing exceptionally well.

The author has since denounced the Trinity faith as false and retract to the basic belief that there is only one true GOD. The author then spent his time reading the old Testament and pray to the Almighty to reveal the truth. The author finally understand the web of lies that Saturn has weaved for the past 2000 years and understand that Father wants him to deliver this message. The author currently concentrates on completing this book and awaits patiently for Father’s job placement.

The author has search the web trying to connect to churches that has same beliefs, but found mainly the Trinity faith. As Father speaks so plainly in the Old Testament, it is inevitable that those who seeks would reach a similar conclusion. The author call upon fellow Elijah, brothers and sisters of the same belief, to come in contact, so that we can share our findings and spread the message from our Father, the Almighty, creator of heaven, earth and all living.

Elias, Malachi 4:5-6