GOD’s plan of redemption is not an afterthought

From Anonymous
You rightfully say that God has creator right to commune with anyone he wants, but our sin prohibits us from walking with God.  God could have taken a whole different route to restore his sin corrupted creation or he could have started completely over, but he didn’t. He foretold his plan to redeem  those who he chose  in the blood of Jesus many times in the old testament, why would it be an afterthought of the Almighty God?

Reply by Elias

God has to change his plan regularly due to men’s defiance. Right from the beginning, Adam and Eve sinned, God had to come up with a plan for men’s redemption. GOD certainly came up with a better plan than to send his holy angel, one that he is well pleased to be humiliated, tortured and crucified. Why would a loving GOD subject Jesus to such an atrocity? Why do you think that our Father delights to see his creation suffer? Why do you think GOD, the Almighty, he who created the heaven and earth just by saying so, could not come up with a better way? I have ask GOD and the answer is that he did have a better way. See God’s prophecy of his wonderous plan in the Old Testament.


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