God sanctified men righteous through Jesus

From Anonymous

Jesus says He is the only way to the Father. You seem to agree with that when you say that his blood atoned for the sin of those God chose. (You wrote ‘deemed worthy’, I would add that he makes those he chose worthy through sanctification.) Through his blood, we can call God our Father. We are able to return to the Father in the blood of Jesus. We are called to be perfect, because God is perfect.

Reply by Elias
If GOD is willing to make men perfect and sanctify men righteous with faithfulness to the one and only true GOD, than there would be no sin. Adam and Eve would not be able to sin right from creation. What is faithfulness  when there is no alternatives? What is obedience, when there is no possible way to disobey?  That is the purpose of the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the garden of Eden. GOD gave men the freedom to decide, as GOD wants from men whole-hearted faithfulness, obedient and wants men to be righteous, to choose doing right over wrong. So far only Enoch and Elijah managed to meet GOD’s standard. Hence GOD finally lowered his standard.  God forgives, he do not want anyone to die, let alone suffer the way Jesus did.


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