Why would the Gospels be less thrustworthy than the old Testament? 

From Anonymous

Why would the Gospels be less thrustworthy than the old Testament? What makes you want to pick and choose what to believe from the scriptures? Paul argues extensivly about the  importance of  the resurrection. If we don’t both start with the authenticity of the whole bible our arguments will be futile.

Reply by Elias

Men is fellable, as shown in Mark 1:1-4. How do men tell the difference between inspiration from God, from Holy Angels or from Satan when the source is not specified. In the Old Testament God identify himself specifically.

Here is other examples of men’s fallibility. In Hebrew 1, the author claims that GOD made the world through Jesus. In Isaiah 44:24, GOD clearly state that he alone created heaven and stretch out the earth by himself. Why should we trust men’s word over GOD’s word? If Jesus is God himself, the author of Hebrew should say “Jesus the almighty made the world”

Have you try searching for those verse that the author of Hebrew 1 claims that GOD said about Jesus. I have found one of them “Let all God’s angels worship him.” in Deuteronomy 32:43, in NLT. In that verse GOD is putting his own words into Moses mouth, so that Moses can recite the very same to the people and the ‘him’ is referring to GOD himself. Nowhere in the entire chapter of 32 is there any indication of Jesus.


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